About Us

Shaving Made Fun And Easy

Now you won't have to worry about razor bumps and burns, painful waxing or charging your expensive shavers! We've got you covered AVOS uses new Nano-Crystaline technology to painlessly shave of your hair and exfoliate dead skin as well to make you shine brighter than ever! To make you feel softer than a cloud! To make you feel confident everywhere you go!

Saving our planet!

Though not categorized as “single-use", billions of plastic razors end up in landfills each year. Razors are sharp objects that can’t be recycled because they’re made from mixed materials. AVOS is proud to say that we can make a real impact on the environment together. Our crystal is not only reusable up to 1 year but also can be recycled. Let's leave a better world for our children to come!